What is psychological intervention/treatment?


Psychological treatment is also known by other names such as talk therapy or psychotherapy. This involves the patient opening up their thoughts, emotions, and feelings, to a qualified and trained professional in a safe, non-judgmental and safe environment.

This type of an intervention session helps the patient in more than one way. These sessions help them to:

• Understand their thoughts and behaviour in a better manner
• Acquire skills to have a better understanding of their problems and also resolve them on their own
• Find it easier to recognise symptoms of mental illness on their own
• Acquire coping skills to manage these symptoms and to even reduce the symptoms
• Change their behaviour in a more positive way
• Improve the quality of their life

Does psychotherapy produce good results only for patients suffering from severe mental health issues

Evidence-based research points to the fact that these psychotherapy intervention sessions produce good results for patients facing light, moderate or severe emotional, mental, and behavioural issues.

Can children opt for psychotherapy treatment?

Psychotherapy can be opted for by people belonging to either sex, they can be of any age group, including children. Psychotherapy can help people belonging to any cultural, social, language, or ethnic background. 

Are psychotherapy sessions always held for single individuals? Can others accompany me for my psycho


Psychotherapy and associated counselling sessions can be held for individuals or groups of people. Whereas in individual counselling there happens to be a single client and one counsellor, in group counselling there may be one/multiple counsellors and multiple clients. You can even have these sessions online when it is difficult for all to be present at the psychologist’s treatment centre.

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Why should you opt for psychotherapy?


Psychotherapy helps build self-esteem, strengthen coping mechanisms, reduce anxiety, and improve social and community functioning in those suffering from mental health issues. Supportive psychotherapy helps such patients to handle issues related to their mental health conditions that may affect the rest of their lives.

What are the different mental disorders for which psychological treatments are sought?


Psychological treatments are proven to help with different mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, PTSD, OCD, and other personality disorders.Psychotherapy can also be successfully used to treat people with stress, emotional issues, grief and trauma, and relationship problems.

How much time does psychotherapy take for a patient?


It takes many weeks for the patient to see results from most psychological treatments. Some treatments can even take up to a year or more take a year or more to get the full benefit. However, the positive effects of psychotherapy are often long-lasting.

What are the different types of psychological treatment?


Different types of psychological treatments are designed to help with different mental issues. Some common psychological treatments offered are:

• Acceptance, commitment therapy
• Cognitive analytic therapy
• Interpersonal therapy
• Dialectical behaviour therapy
• Group therapy
• Family therapy
• Mindfulness 

What Are the Benefits of Psychotherapy?


A considerable amount of research demonstrates that psychotherapy has many long-term benefits for a range of mental health issues. The main benefits of psychotherapy are:

• It can make you feel happier.
• It helps you learn coping skills.
• It can change how you interact with people positively in your life.
• It can help to improve chronic stress.
• It leads to more productivity.

What kind of psychological issues require help from specialist psychotherapists?


Some problems may require treatment from specialist psychotherapists. Some of them are:

• Phobias
• Trauma/PTSD/Abuse
• Eating disorders
• Psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia/bipolar disorder
• Personality disorders

What factors influence the length of psychotherapy sessions for a client?


 The factors that influence the length of therapy are:

• The length of time for which you have been experiencing difficulties
• The change that you want to happen
• Your self-confidence level
• The type of therapy used
• Learning style

Typically, therapy is observed to be most productive when incorporated for 12-16 interventions, delivered as weekly sessions of 45 minutes duration each. This equates to about 3-4 months of psychotherapy sessions.

Typically, what is it that happens in the first psychotherapy sessions?


In the first session, you get to meet the psychotherapist and discuss to find out whether you think they can help you sort out the issues you want to resolve. Your psychotherapist will create a space where you feel comfortable to discuss your deepest concerns.

Your therapist will discuss what you want to achieve from the sessions and how they can help you achieve your desired outcome. They will also be able to give you an indication of the number of sessions that you may require.

How often are psychotherapy sessions scheduled?


Generally people opt for weekly psychotherapy sessions. However, some others opt for fortnightly. In whatever format the psychotherapy sessions are scheduled, good progress can be made with a willing client.

Can Psychotherapy help in cases where you keep having difficult experiences and feelings in everyday life in general?


Yes, psychotherapy can also help with difficult experiences or feelings you’ve been experiencing with:

• Relationship problems/break-ups
• Bereavement
• On-going physical problems related to illness/disability
• Lack of self-confidence/Low self-esteem
• Career/work/redundancy issues
• Anger issues/fear/sadness/guilt
• Mid-life crisis

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