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If you are suffering from depression problems or other mental health issues, life can be very taxing for you. It is a tough job to get back your life in order if you have been suffering from a mental health disorder.

The biggest mistake that many make is trying to take everything on oneself. However, you should know that there are trained and experienced professionals who have evidence-based methods and research-backed treatment methodologies to help with depression and other mental illnesses.

The next job is finding a skilled therapist or an experiential psychologist so that you can get proper support and work through your anxiety, depression, or any other mental issue. Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is the most common treatment methodology that people use because it helps to address a wide range of mental health conditions. Many affected with mental health problems have made significant gains with CBT.

Prasad Amore is a qualified, licensed and well-experienced Rehabilitation Psychologist and a Hypnotherapy diploma holder. Based in Kochi & Thrissur, he works actively to improve the lives of those who approach him with mental issues such as stress and anxiety and depression, challenges relating to work-life balance, and others who present to him with psychological problems.

His professional areas of interest include cognitive behavioural therapy, clinical hypnosis, solution-based brief therapy, evolutionary psychology and cognitive psychology. If any of you are suffering from, say, any challenges such as the following, you can get in touch with Prasad for effective treatment (this list is not exhaustive):



Let us first examine the symptoms that you have presently. If your answer is in the affirmative for these questions and it is more severe than just what happens when having a bad day, you should seek professional help.

Do you sleep for a large part of the day? Or do you sleep too little?

Do you eat large quantities of food? Or do you shun eating?

Do you have frequent emotional outbursts or suffer anger issues?

Do you feel anxious?

Do you feel depressed or sad for a large part of the day?

Do you feel constantly irritated by something?

Do you feel like keeping to yourself and not wanting to meet others?

If all these occur once in a while, it could just mean that you are having a bad day. However, if these symptoms are severe and occur too frequently, then it is time to seek professional help.

If you are experiencing the below-said symptoms, then you should seek professional help immediately before things get out of hand.

You inflict self-harm

You behave in an unusual manner

You have hallucinations frequently (you see or hear things that are not there)

Have you been diagnosed with ADHD, Dyspraxia, anxiety, or Dyslexia (learning difficulties)

Do you feel that you are constantly underachieving

Are you always experiencing a range of unwanted physical/emotional symptoms such as physical/emotional sensitivity, fears and phobias, panic, difficulty in focusing, etc.

Do you feel your life is more difficult than others?

Do you have low self-esteem and self-confidence?

Are you a victim of a traumatic birth, experienced early stress or trauma, had recurrent ear infections, had a poor attachment to caregivers, or missed key developmental milestones

Did you experience trauma later in life


Solution-focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

Prasad’s strength is to focus on his client’s health rather than the problem they present with. He focuses on their resources, strength, coping abilities and skills to help them reach their future goals. He encourages his clients to believe that positive changes are possible at any time and they are encouraged to increase the frequency of their useful behaviours. He uses this therapy in couples therapy and relationship counselling.

CBT Techniques

Prasad Amore practices CBT to treat a variety of mental health disorders, such as eating disorders, grief, anxiety, and depression. He helps patients overcome the negative thought patterns they have to make significant life changes in them. Dr. Amore engages his patients with CBT and helps them to identify and modify their negative emotions and problematic behaviours. He conducts his interventions with diligence to derive the best outcomes. He uses CBT to also help people deal with common issues such as everyday stress.

During the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Prasad Amore was conducting his sessions via online methods. Dr. Prasad Amore’s online therapy CBT sessions are just as effective as in-person therapy sessions for treating conditions such as depression and anxiety. It is estimated that approximately 70% of users who presented with depression experienced significant improvement even after several months of treatment, and about 98% of users had improvement in their overall condition regardless of their specific mental health condition.

Prasad uses a combination of western and eastern mental healthcare methods to find a median which results in mental well-being and the ability to carry on your daily duties. Prasad Amore uses Psychotherapy is essentially a talk therapy to solve many mental health challenges.

Evolutionary Psychology Therapy

Being aware of the fact that depression is estimated to become a leading cause of disease burden in the future, Prasad Amore uses evolutionary psychology therapy to discover the mental adaptations of his patients in context to today’s changing environments. The premise of this branch of psychology is that cognitive mechanisms found within the human brain have evolved through natural selection.

Prasad uses evolutionary psychology therapy to treat psychological conditions such as phobias and relationship issues and ameliorate stressful conditions that his patients experience. He helps his clients handle issues that they cannot manage on their own.


Prasad Amore provides psychological treatments for people of all ages, including children and individuals from diverse cultural, social and language backgrounds. He conducts individual, group and online therapy sessions. He focuses his therapy on conditions such as depression, substance abuse, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and personality and relationship disorders, among others. He also helps people extensively to deal with everyday stress and overcome grief and emotional trauma.

The effect of Prasad’s therapy interventions is both long-lasting and sound. His professional training and extensive experience turn out as useful for his clients and provide the best outcomes. Prasad seeks professional guidance from experts such as Linda cope (UK), Jill Tonk (UK), and Dr. Punam Devdutt (India).

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Prasad Amore believes that clinical hypnosis therapy provides a range of benefits for many physical, psychological, and behavioural issues and conditions. He uses hypnotherapy in the form of relaxation and heightened concentration to achieve a heightened state of being and he uses this state to bring in a positive change in the individual.

By placing the patient into an altered state of awareness, he helps to alleviate several issues such as phobias, psychological distress, and destructive, unhealthy, or dangerous habits such as smoking and/or drinking.

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